Houdini the Great Dane


Custom Pet Sculptures

100% Handmade

No molds are used

Realistic 3D Polymer clay Sculptures

Personalized gift idea for Pet Lovers

Functional meaningful Art

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Roxy The Golden Retriever

the artist

The JFCRN Custom Pet Sculptures brand was created to aide people with healing from pet losses, create personalized custom gifts for pet lovers, and showcase a wide range of creativity applied to these memorable works of art.

A Colorado local artist, Joan Ferrer Cabarrus taught herself to sculpt while working as a geriatric/SNF nurse. Focusing on the polymer clay medium, she started sculpting back in February 2018 when her husband gifted her a shoe box full of sculpting tools and supplies for Valentine's Day. This gift sparked something in her to initiate a purpose as an artist: creating customized sculptures of the pets of our fellowmen. The JFCRN name itself is derived from her initials and pays tribute to her time as a registered nurse where she took pride in being able to help others.

She is driven to create and is motivated to inspire people to explore their own creativity whether it's through education, entertainment, or example.

My message to you: I am hoping that my creations will fill you with joy. I am looking forward to meet all of you and your pets. Follow me on my Facebook page: Handmade Pet Sculptures by JFCRN and Instagram: @jfcrn.sculptures to see behind the scenes and progress of my work. My HASHTAG: #thesingingsculptor

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2019 Prices:

Full Figure Sculptures

  • Small size (7 inches) = $350.00 US
  • Medium size (8 inches) = $450.00 US
  • Large size (10 inches) = $600.00 US
Additional Items
  • Favorite Toys and other props = $50.00 for up to 2 items depending on size
  • White wooden base with stamped nameplate = $10.00

Sculptures are measured from the eyebrow line to the base of the tail.

Turn around time is usually within three weeks for the full figure sculptures and require a 50% deposit upfront. Cancellations will be refunded if made within 24 hours of deposit.

JFCRN Custom Pet Jewelry

  • Custom pet sculpture EARRINGS with Swarovski crystal eyeballs with or without accessories: $50.00/each US.

Custom pet sculpture necklaces and bracelets price will vary depending on the style, complexity, quality of beads, chains and gems incorporated into them.

JFCRN Custom Pet Magnets

  • Custom pet sculpture magnets with or without accessories: $58.75/each US

JFCRN handmade gift hard box for individual items are available for only $2.00 US

Custom creative sculpture styles will be priced individually.

**Ships within United States territory only**