JFCRN Custom Pet Sculptures creates books to give pet and animal lovers educational materials to empower themselves to create their own pet sculptures may it be for their own satisfaction or to heal from pet loss. 

These books are also great learning materials for parents and their children to create something meaningful and help them bond.  This has proven to motivate and inspire the younger generation to develop compassion for animals. 

Creating art could be therapy for those who need it for emotional and mental stress.  JFCRN encourages everyone to learn and try creating these customized animal sculptures at their own pace.

Books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s and thousands of other stores and wholesale bookstore catalogs like Ingram and Baker & Taylor, around the world. 

Create your Own Pet Sculptures!

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DIY Realistic Dog Sculptures 1

Sculpting Short-Haired Dog Breeds with Polymer Clay.

French Bulldog Edition by Joan Cabarrus JFCRN  (2019)

ISBN: 978-1-7332439-0-2

Short Description:


Steps and techniques for efficiently creating a realistic short-haired dog breed sculptures for all levels. It includes 156 pages, clear photos, illustrations, and instructions.  Index included. 

Long Description:  

The author created this special, one-of-a-kind sculpting tutorial book to teach and empower you to learn to create your own pet sculptures. Some of the reasons why everyone should obtain a copy of this book are to help people who are grieving from pet loss, to create very special personalized gifts for their family and friends, to experience the therapeutic effects of artmaking, and family bonding.  

This book is for all levels. You do not need to be highly skilled in artmaking or painting to be able to create one of these beautiful pieces of art. 

Purchase the book and you will find out. 

It is also available worldwide. 



Sculpt 20 Different Dog Breeds with Easy-To-Follow Steps

Polymer Clay Crafts for Ages 5+

(currently writing)


A Recipe-Style Guide to Sculpting Dog Faces

Polymer Clay Crafts for Ages 10+

(currently writing)


A Recipe-Style Guide to Sculpting Dog Faces

Polymer Clay Crafts for Ages 10+

(currently writing)

Creative PET Sculpting

Learn How to Create Functional Pet Sculptures with Polymer Clay


Clay Sculpting Techniques

Get It Right The First Time


DIY Realistic Dog Sculptures 2

Sculpting Mixed Dog Breeds with Polymer Clay.

Cavalier and Cocker Spaniel Mix Edition by Joan Cabarrus JFCRN  (2020)

Description: This book teaches you how to create a dog sculpture with a mixed breed.  The variation in techniques will be different compared to the techniques that you will learn from the DIY Realistic Dog Sculptures 1 (French Bulldog Edition). 


Supplemental Booklets for the DIY Realistic Dog Sculptures Books:


Hyperrealistic Detailing, FUR (Dog)

Hyperrealistic Detailing, PAW (Dog)

Hyperrealistic Detailing, EARS (Dog)

Hyperrealistic Detailing, EYES (Dog)

Hyperrealistic Detailing, MOUTH (Dog)

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