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Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures: Sculpting Animals for Beginners with Upcycled or Recycled Materials

Joan Cabarrus created the Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures product line to encourage everyone to give sculpting a try. She has developed easy-to-follow techniques that use minimal tools and materials and do not require extensive artistic knowledge to create entertaining and realistic dog and animal sculptures. She teaches these techniques in books and digital tutorials. Joan's digital sculpting tutorials are available for purchase on the Doggo Bake educational-commerce website. Contact Joan directly to ask for quotes for custom pet sculpture commissions.

DoggoBake Animal Sculptures Joan Cabarrus

Coloring Pages

DoggoBake Coloring Pages Joan Cabarrus

Downloadable Sculpting Tutorials

DoggoBake Digital Sculpting Tutorials Joan Cabarrus

100% Handmade Animal Sculptures

by Joan Cabarrus

DoggoBake Handmade Polymer Clay Sculptures Joan Cabarrus
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