One of our followers named Sue, on the Handmade Pet Sculptures by JFCRN Facebook page, recently purchased the DIY Realistic Dog Sculptures 1. She has a background in portrait painting and decided to take a step further in expanding her artistic skills. Even though Sue is very comfortable with creating 2D works of art, she was reluctant and nervous to create realistic sculptures due to the lack of educational resources available until she saw our first book. 

After Sue purchased this book and immediately started her very first realistic sculpture, the results were astounding. She followed exactly the steps of this book and even though this particular book teaches how to sculpt a short-haired dog breed, she went ahead used it to create a German Shepherd. 

Sue reached out to Joan, the artist, to ask for critiques. With shared pictures of Sue's progress, Joan gave Sue valuable feedbacks and explanations that assisted with improvisions and learnings. 

After several days of Sue's sculpting work, the finished product was unbelievably well made. We even playfully doubted if this was really her first time sculpting a realistic dog! Here are some of Sue's pictures of her sculpture from the beginning to the end.  Thank you, Sue, for giving us permission to share your journey. 

Joan Cabarrus - The Singing Sculptor

Joan Cabarrus

Professional Sculptor / Instructor

Open for Critique Services

Sometimes, we just need another set of eyes to look at our work, understand some techniques and the principles behind them.   Sculpting is a practice and no one can ever master it the first try. It indirectly teaches us to solve problems and think quickly.

A recipient of a JFCRN Custom Pet Sculptures 7 inch full figure commission piece for Christmas. 

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