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Disguised URNS


 The Singing Sculptor

The artist Joan Cabarrus, an art entrepreneur, authorpreneur, founder of the JFCRN Custom Pet Sculptures, a registered nurse and "The Singing Sculptor" on YouTube.

She is the author and publisher of the DIY - Realistic Dog Sculptures 1, Sculpting Short-Haired Dog Breeds with Polymer Clay. French Bulldog Edition by Joan Cabarrus (2019)  

Her motto in life is to always "Sculpt Your World with Your Own Imagination".

We are in control of our own paths, our purposes and how we want to succeed in life, leading to happiness. Clay is malleable and the shapes we create with it are changeable according to our intentions and learned skills. Just like clay, our lives consist of ever-changing experiences that we can decide to either keep or improvise to reach the best results. 



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