Joan Cabarrus Custom Dog Sculpture Polym
Polymer Clay Dog Custom Sculpture Joan Cabarrus
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Joan Cabarrus, The Singing Sculptor

Joan Cabarrus, 

The Singing Sculptor

An Austin, Texas based artist-author Joan Cabarrus is an art entrepreneur, founder of the JFCRN Limited Company, creator of the Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures product line, a registered nurse, and The Singing Sculptor on YouTube. She has authored several animal-related sculpting tutorials and hosts and produces The Doggo Bake Show, available on YouTube beginning January 2021.

As a professional artist, Joan's mission is to cultivate creativity, resourcefulness, and compassion for animals through sculpting and art that is accessible to everyone. Her happiness as a creator lies in the practicality of applying critical thinking, problem-solving, and resourcefulness to produce innovative, enjoyable art. She believes that thinking courageously and practically as an artist helps us strengthen skills that also apply to bigger tasks in our daily lives.


The DoggoBake Show YouTube Show
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Watch Joan's Family-Friendly YouTube Show Every Friday @ 10 AM Mountain Time

DoggoBake Animal Sculptures Joan Cabarrus
DoggoBake Animal Sculptures
Joan Cabarrus, Sculpting Book Tutorials

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