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Disguised Urns

Disguised Urn

     To accurately capture the essence of the pet animal, the artist works with the client to get a history of their family pet. Real life scenarios, quirky behavior, mannerisms, and unique physical traits are all taken into consideration. 

     Due to this collaboration, the artist can create a very personalized piece that brings the client's pet to life in a way that may otherwise not have been possible. 

     In addition, the client may request for a disguised urn incorporated within the custom piece for an adjusted cost. As an unconventional urn, the pet's ashes can be added in the body of the sculpture or in the extra item, for example, the pet's favorite toy or food sculpture. The size of this piece will depend on the amount of ashes needed to be added. 

     The artist uses polymer and epoxy metal clays and are 100% handmade showing realistic with a twist of semi-caricature style. The artist enjoys creating pieces that balance out the realism and pulls the client back to some playful imagination.

        The custom made pet sculptures can be applied to other creative works like custom jewelries, cake toppers, magnets, and more. Contact the artist here for quote.


Full Figure SIZES with no Urn

7 inches

Detailed. Great for gift giving. Important features are shown. One small special sculpted item (for example, a pet's toy, a piece of clothing or food) is included. UPS or FedEx full shipping package services is required for insurance and handling (between $40- $100)


8 inches

Popular choice. Highly detailed.  Dynamic color.  More fur details. One small special sculpted item (for example, a pet's toy, a piece of clothing or food) is included. UPS or FedEx full shipping package services is required for insurance and handling (between $60 - $150)


Disguised Urn Incorporation

Sturdy containers are located inside the sculptures that create spaces for your pets' ashes. This makes the ashes intact in case the sculpture breaks from an accidental drop. The construction of these urns is completely engineered according to the composition and size of the piece. The lid(s) can be placed anywhere on the parts of the sculpture, they may be evident or hidden. Contact the artist directly for quotation.

Optional Items

  • $75 per extra item. (a pet's favorite food, toy, clothing or anything that has a significant meaning to the pet owner) 

  • $40 White wooden base for added protection.

  • $20 Manually hand stamped metal nameplate.


Aluminum materials and wires for the armature

The blend of Polymer and Epoxy Metal Clay

Masking tapes, Beads, Sculpey Bake and Bond

Paint Sealers, Varnishes, Acrylic Paints, High Gloss Liquid Resin


Sculptures are measured from the eyebrow line (stop) to the buttock of the pet. ​A wire armature is then created. The polymer and epoxy metal clay will then be applied and sculpted. The sculptures cure by baking them in a regular oven. Later sealed, painted with liquid acrylics and varnished. If the sculptures are to be secured on a base, they are glued with high-quality bonding material and screwed in place.

The More Creative, The Better

The styles can vary from more of a realistic look to a more playful and caricature design.  Feel free to discuss your ideas, and the artist will apply good judgment as to whether these ideas may be appropriate to the materials, the composition, or the mechanisms of the piece.  The artist welcomes unusual styles and creative ideas.  For example, if you would like your cat, your dog, and your rat's heads all combined in one body, we will make it happen. 


What to Prepare Before you Inquire

Refer to the Order Guide for sample pictures.

Quality vs. Quantity: Clear pictures showing front-facing, left and right view of the whole head of the pet. ​If you request the piece to have an open mouth with teeth exposed, provide clear pictures of the teeth of the pet. 

Pictures showing the mannerisms, its favorite poses and the unique facial expression of the pet. 

Rule of Thumb: Show the artist what your pet literally looks like (no puppy or kitten pictures), all the angles of the body parts as well as the paws and nails as possible. The clearer your photos are, the more detailed we can sculpt your piece.

Some pet owners may not have these types of quality pictures due to damaged film pictures or very limited copies. The artist will attempt to work with all the pictures you can provide.

Ordering System

Once all your preferences are set and the artist has created your personalized design plan, the artist will require a 75% deposit upfront before construction begins. Paypal invoices will be sent to you by the artist. You only need to place this deposit when the artist notifies you and ready to create your piece. Deposits are not meant to reserve your spot in advance. Once the artist asks for your deposit, your piece will be made immediately. The artist can expedite your order within 1-5 days, please be active with communication during these times. The second Paypal invoice will include the remaining sculpture cost, any extra items or major revision costs that you may possibly add later on, and the shipping cost. 

Shipping and Handling

To protect you and the artist, the UPS or FedEx packaging services, insurance and shipping are required. The cost will depend on your location, the weight of the sculpture and the size. Instructions on how to unpack, safe handling and filling in the disguised urns of your pet's ashes will be included in the package. 


JFCRN Limited may use photos of the finished sculptures for educational and promotional purposes. They are for sculpting books, progress sculpting videos in our social media sites like Facebook Page, Instagram, our website and our Youtube channel. Only the pets' names and sculpture descriptions will be shared. Please let us know by email if you do not want these published early on (example: sculpture to be gifted by surprise)




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