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Full Figure SIZES with no Urn

7 inches

Detailed. Great for gift giving. Important features are shown. One small special sculpted item (for example, a pet's toy, a piece of clothing or food) is included. UPS or FedEx full shipping package services is required for insurance and handling (between $40- $100)


8 inches

Popular choice. Highly detailed.  Dynamic color.  More fur details. One small special sculpted item (for example, a pet's toy, a piece of clothing or food) is included. UPS or FedEx full shipping package services is required for insurance and handling (between $60 - $150)


Disguised Urns

Polymer Clay Disguised Urn


Incorporated Urn

Sturdy container inside the sculpture that creates space for your pet's ashes and protects them in case of breakage. The construction and location of the urn and the size of the finished piece depend on the amount of ashes to be accommodated. The urn lids can be placed anywhere in the sculpture and may be evident or hidden. Contact the artist directly for pricing.

Optional Items

  • Accessories, such as favorite food, toy, clothing, or any item that has significant meaning to the pet owner ($75 per item)

  • White wooden base for added protection ($40)

  • Hand-stamped metal nameplate ($20)

What to Prepare Before You Inquire

To complete your custom sculpture, Joan requires photographs of your pet. In general, you will get the best results with pictures that provide the following:

  • High quality: The clearer your photos, the more detailed your piece can be.

  • Personality: Choose photos that show your pet's mannerisms, favorite poses, and unique expressions.

  • Multiple angles: Include a front, left, and right view of the pet's entire head. If you want the piece to have an open mouth, also provide clear pictures of your pet's teeth and tongue. Include photos that show your pet as the desired age. All photos should be from a similar age.

We realize that some pet owners might not have high-quality, detailed photos. Joan will attempt to work with the pictures you can provide.

Please refer to the Order Guide for sample photos and additional information.

To accurately capture the essence of your pet, Joan works with you to develop a full history of the animal, including quirky behavior, real-life mannerisms, and unique physical traits. She then creates a personalized piece that accurately reflects your pet's special personality.

Joan enjoys creating pieces that balance realism and playful imagination. She uses polymer and epoxy metal clays to handcraft realistic sculptures with a semi-caricature twist.

In addition to full-body sculptures, your pet's likeness can be incorporated into other custom-made works, including jewelry, cake toppers, magnets, and more. Contact the artist for pricing. 

Ordering System

After discussing your preferences with that artist, Joan will create a personalized design plan. Upon your acceptance of the plan, we require a 75% deposit before beginning construction. We will send you a Paypal invoice for this amount. Please note that deposits are requested only when the artist is ready to create your piece. Sculpting will begin immediately upon receipt of your deposit and typically takes one to five days. Please be available for communication during this period. After completion of your sculpture, we will send you a second Paypal invoice for the remaining cost, including costs of any extra items, major requested revisions, and shipping. 


Shipping and Handling   

We ship domestically and internationally for custom pet sculptures. To protect both client and artist, we use UPS or FedEx packaging, shipping, and insurance services. Shipping costs depend on your location as well as the size and weight of the finished sculpture. Each package includes urns, instructions for filing the urn are also included. We are not responsible for any import taxes and/or custom fees. Once our products cross the boundaries of U.S., we are not liable for any changes or delays in delivery times. 


JFCRN Limited may use photos of finished sculptures for educational and promotional purposes, including sculpting books and videos, social media sites, and our website and YouTube channel. Only the pets' names and sculpture descriptions with be shared. Please let us know by email if you do not want photos of your sculpture published before certain date; for example, if you are planning to gift the sculpture as a surprise.

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