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The Artist:  Joan Cabarrus, JFCRN

Joan Cabarrus taught herself to sculpt while working as a geriatric/rehabilitation nurse. She began sculpting in February 2018. This sparked something in Joan, and she soon realized a new purpose as an artist: creating customized sculptures for those grieving the loss of a pet. Now, Joan uses her talents to encourage creativity, resourcefulness, courage and compassion towards dogs and cats through her sculpting video tutorials and published books and other creative products. She founded JFCRN Limited Company and created a sculpting product line, Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures. ("JFCRN" is derived from her initials and pays tribute to her time helping others as a registered nurse.)

Joan's video productions showcase a variety of sculpting processes and explorations and bridge the gap between sculpture and music, which she creates in her leisure time. You can find her videos, as well as episodes of her entertaining web show, the Doggo Bake Show, here or on YouTube.

Joan is a proud member of the Society of Animal Artists.


Through Art, I Want to help a Person Heal from the Loss of a Pet. Through Teaching Art, I Want To Cultivate Courage, Resourcefulness, Creativity, and Time Management.

The DOGGO BAKE SHOW Youtube Channel Joan Cabarrus - The Singing Sculptor
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