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The Artist:  Joan Cabarrus, JFCRN

I taught myself to sculpt while working as a geriatric/rehabilitation nurse in February 2018. This sparked something in me, and I soon realized a new purpose as an artist: creating customized sculptures for those grieving the loss of a pet. Now, I use my talents to encourage creativity, resourcefulness, time management, courage, and compassion towards dogs, cats, and other animals through my sculpting video tutorials and published books and other creative products. I founded JFCRN Limited Company and created a sculpting product line, Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures. ("JFCRN" is derived from my initials and pays tribute to my time helping others as a registered nurse.)

My video productions showcase a variety of sculpting processes and explorations and bridge the gap between sculpture and music, which I create in my leisure time. You can find my videos, as well as episodes of my entertaining web show, the Doggo Bake Show, here or on YouTube.

I am a proud member of the International Polymer Clay Association, Bee Caves Art Foundation, and Emancipet Vet Clinics here in Austin, Texas.


Through Art, I Want to help a Person Heal from the Loss of a Pet. Through Teaching Art, I Want To Cultivate Courage, Resourcefulness, Creativity, and Time Management.

The DOGGO BAKE SHOW Youtube Channel Joan Cabarrus - The Singing Sculptor
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