The Artist:  JFCRN


     A Colorado local artist, Joan Cabarrus taught herself to sculpt while working as a geriatric/SNF nurse. Focusing on the polymer clay medium, she started sculpting back in February 2018 when her husband gifted her a shoe box full of sculpting tools and supplies for Valentine's Day. This gift sparked something in her to initiate a purpose as an artist: creating customized sculptures of the pets of our fellowmen to help them with grieving from pet loss. The JFCRN name itself is derived from her initials and pays tribute to her time as a registered nurse where she took pride in being able to help others.

     She is driven to create and is motivated to inspire people to explore their own creativity and independence whether it's through education, entertainment, or example.  Creating art is not her destination, but to reach to the heart of the people.  You can also find her video production on Youtube showcasing variety of sculpting exploration using different mediums whether she knows them or challenging herself to create something new. She uses this opportunity for freedom of self-expression and connects the gap between the Music Arts and the Fine Arts. 

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the Singing Sculptor


Custom Pet Sculptures


The JFCRN Custom Pet Sculpture brand was created to aide people with healing from pet loss, create personalized custom gifts for pet lovers, and showcase a wide range of creativity applied to these memorable works of art. The artist not only recreates the look of the pet but works with the client to capture real life situations that tell the pet's unique story. Copying from the pictures that the client provides, it is an intuitive process to create something meaningful that may not otherwise be evident in the pictures.  

JFCRN Custom Pet Sculptures is the first brand to create disguised urns along with the pet sculptures. These unconventional urns are 100% handmade and engineered according to the pose, size, and creative functionality of the urn. 


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Never Limit yourself to possibilities.



JFCRN started writing educational sculpting tutorial books for everyone. She loves to share her knowledge of creative sculpting as well as applying her photography and design skills to create beautiful works of authorship. 


Writing books is a way for her to encourage people to empower themselves to create. One thing that excites her is creating illustrations and photographs of the finished sculptures of the beloved pets that she created for her clients. Using real-life subjects in her books is what keeps her focused on writing. 

She struggled with a language barrier early in life but broke through and it no longer stops her from sharing her knowledge with the world. This experience has taught her to use the tools available to her and believes that professional editors are here to help achieve her goal. 

JFCRN self-publishes her current and future books. For now, she is focused on creating dog sculpting tutorial books but will later write about cats and other animals as well.  

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