The Artist:  Joan Cabarrus, JFCRN


     A Colorado local artist, Joan Cabarrus taught herself to sculpt while working as a geriatric/SNF nurse. Focusing on the polymer clay medium, she started sculpting back in February 2018 when her husband gifted her a shoebox full of sculpting tools and supplies for Valentine's Day. This gift initially sparked something in her to initiate a purpose as an artist: creating customized sculptures of the pets of our fellowmen to help them with grieving from pet loss. As her journey goes on, she is now using her talents and skills to encourage everyone to be creative, and help develop more compassion towards animals through writing and publishing sculpting book tutorials and other creative products. The JFCRN name itself is derived from her initials and pays tribute to her time as a registered nurse where she took pride in being able to help others. 

     You can find her video production on Youtube showcasing a variety of sculpting processes, explorations, and anything that relates to her journey. She also uses this opportunity for freedom of self-expression and connects the gap between the fine arts and music arts as she also creates music in her leisure time. Her web show called The Doggo Bake Show will be published weekly on Youtube for the entire year of 2021. 


Through Art, I Want to help Cultivate Compassion Towards Animals. Through Teaching Art, I Want To Cultivate Courage, Resourcefulness, Creativity, and Time Management.

The DOGGO BAKE SHOW Youtube Channel Joan Cabarrus - The Singing Sculptor
Joan Cabarrus - The Singing Sculptor

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